Switch Extrude and Retract Button placement on panel due

  • This is a little thing_

    If you have fat fingers , like me, it is easy to misfire on even the 7 inch panel due. The Extrude button on the Extrude menu in the lower left hand corner is right next to the highest settings for extrusions. I only set these when I am retracting. There have been many times where I am trying to retract and I accidentally hit extrude and BOOM… im trying to extrude 100mm at 100mm/s.

    If it was reversed the extrude button would be on the side with the slower extrusion speeds and vice versa..

    Small issue.

  • I would say this is a larger issue with touch target size and spacing through out the PanelDue UI. I'd like it if all the buttons had a little more empty space padding between them to make it harder to fat finger it. The macro screen is particularly troublesome. I realize it's a balance between having all the buttons visible and legible and also touchable with a finger.

  • administrators

    Try touching the buttons with your fingernail instead of with the pad of your finger.


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