My Machine started to behave really weird.

  • 2hours into a 5hour print my machine just stopped and then well yeah i upload a clip of it before i killed the machine.
    no errors. could not connect over wifi. and when i hit pause the machine did not respons.
    hit the emergency stop and the machine did not respond.
    all i could do was kill the power to the machine.
    any clue on what the hell happened?

    Maybe should add that it´s a duet wifi controller. 1.20 firmware.

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    Please confirm it is a Duet WiFi, not a Duet Ethernet. We've heard of this happening before on a Duet Ethernet and we have at least a partial fix for it in firmware 1.21; but we've not heard of it happening on a Duet WiFi.

  • well then im sadly the first.
    it is a duet wifi i run in my Hypercube. with the version 1.20 firmware. do i need to change anything in the config if upgradign to the 1.21?

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    Yes, see the release notes for firmware 1.21.

  • why is the named zip? when it should be .bin? 🙂

    and dc42.
    thanks for an awesome board. and the support u give for it. my nextprinter will def have a duet controller in it as well.
    really nice to have a devoloper that actully try´s he´s best to help he´s user. and not just oh i never had that. sorry. i made the money from u already now *** off.
    So a really big thanks for the awesome work your doing.

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    why is the named zip? when it should be .bin? 🙂 contains a number of html, css, js and font files. They are packaged up as a zip so that you only need to upload a single file. When you upload it, you will see the individual files in it being uploaded.

    The original firmware for the Duet WiFi used a .bin file instead, but at firmware version 1.19 we changed it to be a zip file, just like all the other Duets.

  • hmm okey because when i try to upload it it gives me error. right now it says i have the 1.15a version of webinterfacce.

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    Which version of the Duet main firmware are you using?

    As you are using such an old version of Duet Web Control, I suggest you:

    • Move the SD card to a PC
    • Rename folder /www to /www-1.15
    • Create a new /www folder
    • Extract the file appropriate to your main firmware version into it
    • Safely remove the card form the PC, put it back in the Duet, and start the Duet.

    You will be able to do future DWC upgrades by just uploading the .zip file.

  • i did have 1.20 in the machine buth web interface has never been updated weirdly. must have done something wrong.

    Firmware Name: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet
    Firmware Electronics: Duet WiFi 1.02 or later
    Firmware Version: 1.21RC3 (2018-02-28 build 4)
    WiFi Server Version: 1.20
    Web Interface Version: 1.15a
    i´ll update when my printer stops hehe 🙂

  • updated the firmware to 1.21 and it happened to my Duet wifi yet again today. 😞
    this time the complete machine just freezed. the not like it jumped now it was just freezed on the spoot. and only way to kill it was to kill it with the power. nothing responded.

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    I would not expect web interface 1.15 to work with firmware 1.21, they've are too many versions apart.

  • as i said. updated to firmware 1.21 with wifi server 1.21 and web interface 1.21. buth the printer still freeze up.
    i the www as u said and uploaded a fresh copy.
    even downloadeded the iap4e.bin file.

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    Was it just the web interface that froze, or were you unable to get it to respond to USB or PanelDue as well?

    What commands did you send to try to get a response? M115 is a good one to start with.

  • When my printer freeze nothing respons. i get kicked out from the website and it say´s the printer is offline. and the only thing i can controll it with then is the paneldue. tried pause. try stop and nothing happens.
    cant connect my Printer to a computer because i dont have a computer next to it. so i can just get the controll from the paneldue.

  • Dont know if it helps u Dc buth it seams when i unplugged my panelduo from the printer. i have not had a freeze. 3 days symptoms free.

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    How are you providing 5V power: using the internal 5V regulator, or some other way?

  • only the 4 wires that are connected as it said in the wire manual?

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    OK; but how is the Duet getting its 5V power?

  • I only run a 24v into the the duet so it´s getting it from the built in regulator

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    How have you mounted the TFT panel? If the mounting screws are making contact with the metal frame of your printer, you might have created a ground loop.

    Also check that you have the correct comms parameters for PanelDue in the M575 command in config.g, in particular the S1 parameter.


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