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  • Hi folks
    Just thought I would say hi

    Bought a duet to update a 3D printer and had a prowl around the source etc.

    My background is I am an embedded systems engineer so do a little hardware and software.
    Mainly work with STM32Fxxx devices using the Keil IDE, and Esp32 modules with eclipse etc.

    Very little experience with C++ on embedded systems ( An Oscilloscope running on a NIOSII IP CPU on an FPGA was my only exposure)
    Lots of RTOS and bare metal coding in C. ( PC Lint is something I swear by and always use).

    I did used to work on a CNC controller for spark erosion and machine tools.
    So give me a little time to get setup and hopefully I will be able to add to the Duet.


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    Danny, welcome!

  • Hi Danny,
    I am mechanical Engineer and i have my own job that we make plastic injection mold. So we have 3 EDM machines and CNCs..
    I used several CAM programs and now i use PowerMill. I just build my 3D printer with duetwifi , duex2 and paneldue 7". I am suffering from slicers because i can't control everything but I get used to it all day.
    I developed all electric plastic injection machine controller by using PIC32MZxx now it is testing phase.

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