Make pause/resume support absolute extrusion (if it doesn't already)

  • Playing with cura, I'm getting some really nice prints so I would like to keep using it (for some jobs, at least).

    However, as you know, cura uses absolute extrusion mode and I suspect looking at the firmware code that if I try and pause/suspend a cura print (using the web interface) it's going to screw up because pause.g and resume.g go to relative extrusion mode and so the absolute extruder position will get lost.

    I thought that maybe using push and pop in those scripts would help but they don't appear to save the absolute extruder position so I was wondering if that could be saved/restored on the stack with whatever else is required to be able to use a M120 at the beginning of the pause script and a M121 at the end of the resume script and then that would preserve the absolute extruder position and mode?


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    Pause and resume work just fine with absolute extrusion, as long as you have M83 in your pause.g and resume.g files. You don't need to push or pop, that happens automatically.

  • Hi, thanks for the speedy reply. I will try that out tomorrow.

  • You're quite right, pause/resume does work OK when using absolute mode. Humble apologies for wasting your time.

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