Tool offsets and scripts

  • I am trying to bring m IDEX setup to perfection.
    A major issue I have is getting rid of oozed filament of the inactive tool and the primed filament before the new tool is going to be used. I implemented that prime sequence in tXpost.g files which works pretty well for now.

    Now I stumbled over a problem with the tool offset for U axis.
    When I have no tool selecte (T-1) then no offset is used and when I have set my endstop position to a reasonable value then I move to an U spot and the nozzle is there.
    But when then tool is selected X and U are influenced by the offset which is about 4.8mm for my setup.
    The problem is that I have to use U values in the tXpost.g script for that tool which postitions the nozzle including the offset.
    This is not ideal because the wipe sequence has to be exactly at the same position to work properly. But when my offset changes I have to change those scripts too. That's annoying.
    IMHO it would be better if the scripts act like if there was no tool selected without the offset. That way they can be constant.
    Or maybe an option to the G1 command that overrides offset calculation.

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    The S2 modifier on the G1 command already disables X axis mapping. If I make it also cause the tool offset not to be added to the coordinates you provide, will that solve the problem?

  • Yeah that would solve it…
    Ahhh so with G1 X100 S2 I actually move X even a tool with its axis mapped to X is selected.... There are way too many commands and options to remember them all. The RapRap gcode page already advanced to my third most visited site beside the E3D forum and the forum here 😄

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    I have just implemented this in the 1.17dev5 build, now available on github.

  • Fantastic. Didn't expect that so fast but cool. Will check it out later…

  • Hey David, maybe you should clarify the description of the G1 command regarding the S options.
    There is just delta setup mentioned to move tower motors with S2. A note that this will move the real axis on an IDEX setup would be helpful…

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