• Hello, I have reprapfirmware setup on radds and wanted to use the features of the tmc2130 and from what I understand I have to set it up like the 2660. Where/how do I configure the pins in the config?

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    RepRapFirmware doesn't currently support the TMC2130. That driver chip uses an SPI interface like the TMC2660 but AFAIR the command set is different. So a new driver would need to be written, perhaps by mixing bits of the TMC2660 code with bits of the TMC22xx code.

    We have some OEM interest in a Duet variant that uses the TMC2130 so I may write a driver, but we have no commitment from the OEM or time scale yet.

  • I'll look into driving them in standalone mode. I also have a question. How would I go about using the ESP8266 wifi module? I have the instructions for getting it flashed and wired to radds but how does this work with reprapfirmware?

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    I think the wifi module for the RADDS just connects to the serial port. In which case, two options:

    1. Flash the ESP8266 with a Telnet server, then you can use it just like USB.

    2. Search for ESPrinter software and flash that to the ESP8266. That gives you some of the functionality of Duet Web Control (not fast file upload or download). Caution, unless it has been updated, ESPrinter uses an old version of DWC that will not be fully compatible with current ReprapFirmware.

  • So how does the ESP 07 or 12 module get Duet flashed?

    I was planning on upgrading my 0.6 board to WiFi by wiring in an Arduino ESP8266 (ESP-07 for external antenna use). I had presumed that the Duet code would update the firmware but from your comment that seems not to be the case?

    What would be the issue flashing Duet firmware to the module?

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    The Duet WiFi dedicates the SPI bus of the processor to use to communicate to the ESP8266, so that it can use a high speed (27MHz) connection. The RADDS uses that SPI bus for SD card access AFAIR, so it isn't available for connecting the ESP8266. The RADDS build doesn't include the code for driving the ESP8266.


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