Deinstall WifiServer

  • I have a Duet Ethernet.

    I wanted to update to the newest update (1.21) and, got that working, but I accidentally also intalled the WifiServer on the Ethernet version.

    Now It thinks it is a duet Wifi, if I do M115 in YAT: FIRMWARE_VERSION: 1.21 ELECTRONICS: Duet WiFi 1.02 or later…

    I tried to reinstall the firmware using SAM but that didnt work either.

    How can I deinstall the WIFIServer, to get the ethernet working again?

    btw, if I do M552 it responds with: WiFi module is disabled.

  • administrators

    I'm sorry, there is almost certainly a bad solder joint on your Duet or Duet Ethernet. The Ethernet daughter board plugs into 2 rows of pin sockets. Looking at the daughter board from the end with the Ethernet socket, the front left one is connected to ground on the daughter board. The combined WiFi/Ethernet firmware looks to see if that pin is connected to ground to work out which type of board it is. So I suspect that this pin is not soldered properly, either on the top surface of the daughter board or on the bottom of the Duet.

    Unless you can see the problem and you are confident of your soldering skills, please ask your supplier to replace the Duet.

  • I can confirm continuity to GND on the front left pin on the top of the ethernet board.

    I don't think it is a hardware issue, because It was working before the update.

  • administrators

    Firmware 1.20 and earlier had a separate build for the Duet Ethernet, so they didn't look at the state of that pin and it didn't matter if it was not properly connected. Please check the soldering of the corresponding pin of the socket strip on the underside of the Duet.

  • I was probing from the Power In GND point to the top of the ethernet daughter board.
    Doesn't that mean, that the connection is correct, all the way?

  • administrators

    No, it doesn't guarantee that there is continuity from that pin on top of the daughter board through the socket and on to the pin of the microcontroller that reads it.

  • I took out The Duet, and look at that…

    It isnt even soldered, a bit sloppy, dont you think?

    I will report back as soon I have it reinstalled.

  • That was the Problem.

    Updated to 1.21 and All is fine again.

    Thanks a lot for this quick and very professional troubleshooting! 🙂

  • administrators

    Yes, that should have been picked up by visual inspection. I believe the batch that has just started shipping was tested with firmware 1.21, so in future that would be picked up during testing.


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