Corexy strange things moving

  • hi i wipe out my firmware and reinstalled it added the panel-due still waiting on my ssr to turn up
    anyway i have redone my setup got all the axes moving in the right direction and got them all to home correctly

    the problem is if i ask x to move any distances the y axes drifts a little and the same vice versa i know it has to be a firmware issue as this never happened before i started fiddling

    anyone no where i should start my search

  • yippee i think i found it
    M92 X87.489 Y80 Z400 E420 ; Set steps per mm

  • yes that was it
    now looks like this
    M92 X87.489 Y87.489 Z400 E420 ; Set steps per mm

    please feel free to delete this post

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