Duet unresponsive after firmware update

  • Hi,

    I was using the webserver to upload the 1.16 version duet firmware, after I uploaded it asked me if i wanted to install, i said yes, and then it told me that everything was sucessfully installed, and prompted me to refresh the webpage. However, when i did that the webserver did not load.

    I've also tried to connect via USB. The lights (5, 3.3, and the endstops) all light up, but i don't get the chime that lets me know a USB device was connected and nothing shows up in my device manager.

  • EDIT:

    I replaced the USB cable on a whim after not being able to use any of these options:


    and it seems to be working.

  • administrators

    You need to hold the Erase button for about half a second, then release it and press the Reset button. After that the Bossa Port should appear on the PC you have connected via the USB cable.

  • Yes, it is working, but it seems in windows10 you need to run the SAM-BA 2.16 in compatability mode for windows 7.

    Thank you for your quick response 😄

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