1.11 to 1.21 on Ormerod 2, X home only moves 5mm and zeros

  • So It's been a while since I upgraded the firmware on my Ormerod 2, and I'd thought I'd give it a go this weekend since I had some time.
    As far as I can tell everything went well, I was able to use the new PID tuning.

    My problem is this, I can't get the X axis to home properly. (I did read the notes and added the S2 flag to the Z axis movements. but I'm still getting strange behavior, when I home X I get the following:

    • Z axis moves Up
    • X axis moves negative ~5mm
    • X axis sets current position to x=0mm
    • Z axis moves down

    When I home All I get this behavior:

    • Z axis Moves Up
    • X axis moves negative ~5mm, and Y axis goes until it hits the homing switch
    • Y Axis moves back and hit homing switch again
    • X & Y zero
    • Z Moves down

    I checked the HomeX & HomeAll files in the GitHub and I don't see anything different from mine (FYI the S2 flag is missing in the GitHub files). I also looked at the config file in the GitHub and didn't see any obvious differences there.

    I've confirmed that the Z probe is working correctly in the web interface, it's reading 0 the whole time the home operation runs - I also tried inverting it so it read 1000 the whole time; and the homing behavior was the same. FYI I'm using the DC42 smart probe (small version)

    I assume I've missed something stupid and obvious, can't wait to find out what 😄 Below are my Homeall, HomeX, and config Files:

    X Home File
    ; X axis homing file for dc42 Duet firmware
    G1 Z4 F200 S2 ;s2 overides Z movement lock before homeing
    G1 X-240 F3000 S1
    G1 X4 F600
    G1 X-10 S1
    G1 Z-4 F200 S2 ;s2 overides Z movement lock before homeing

    Home All File
    ; Ormerod 2 homeall file for use with dc42 Duet firmware
    ; Adjust the bed upper and lower limits in config.g (M208 commands) to get the correct homing positions
    G1 Z4 F200 S2 ;s2 overides Z movement lock before homeing
    G1 X-240 Y-240 F3000 S1
    G1 X4 Y4 F600
    G1 X-10 Y-10 S1
    ; Adjust the XY coordinates in the following to place the IR sensor over a suitable spot
    ; If you are using a dc42 IR sensor then you can change the coordinates to be near the centre of the bed
    G1 X130 Y100 F3000
    ; This file leaves the head at the zprobe trigger height so that you can slip a piece of paper under it and then do G0 Z0 to check the height.
    ; If you prefer to send the printer to X0Y0Z0, un-comment the following lines
    ;G1 X0 Y0 F5000
    ;G1 Z0

    Config File
    ; Ormerod 2 config file for dc42 Duet firmware
    M111 S0 ; Debug off
    M550 PJoseph's Ormrod 2 ; Machine name (can be anything you like)
    M551 Preprap ; Machine password (currently only used by FTP)
    M540 P0xBE:0xEF:0xDE:0xAD:0xFE:0xED ; MAC Address
    ;*** Adjust the IP address and gateway in the following 2 lines to suit your network
    M552 P10.0.2.30 ; IP address
    M554 P10.0.2.1 ; Gateway
    M553 P255.255.255.0 ; Netmask
    M555 P2 ; Set output to look like Marlin
    G21 ; Work in millimetres
    G90 ; Send absolute coordinates...
    M83 ; ...but relative extruder moves
    M574 X0 Y1 Z0 S1 ; set endstop configuration (Y endstop only, at low end, active high)
    M906 X800 Y1000 Z800 E800 ; Set motor currents (mA)
    M563 P0 D1 H1 ; Define tool 0
    G10 P0 S0 R0 ; Set tool 0 operating and standby temperatures
    M563 P1 D0 H1 ; Define tool 1 ; This is the O2's original extruder motor (i.e. tool0) but it's mounted in the middle of the arm, so it makes more sense to change the name
    G10 P1 S0 R0 ; Set tool 1 operating and standby temperatures
    M563 P2 D2 H1 ; Define tool 2
    G10 P2 S0 R0 ; Set tool 2 operating and standby temperatures
    M92 E427:421:418 ; Set extruder steps per mm (single nozzle) ; changed from 420 to 428, then with new extruder to 408

    ;*** If you have a modulated IR probe with on-board microcontroller, change P2 to P1 in the following
    M558 P1 ; Use a simple modulated Z probe (change to P1 for an intelligent Z probe i.e. dc42 board) MUST BE BEFORE G31
    G31 X-30.0 Y0.0 Z0.3 P500 ; Set the probe height and threshold (put your own values here) (X and Y set the offset from the 'empty' toolhead)
    ;*** If you have a Duet board with 4.7K thermistor series resistors, change R1000 to R4700 to the following M305 commands
    M305 P0 R4700 H0 L0 ; Put your own H and/or L values here to set the bed thermistor ADC correction
    M305 P1 R4700 H0 L0 ; Put your own H and/or L values here to set the first nozzle thermistor ADC correction
    M305 P2 R4700 H0 L0 ; Put your own H and/or L values here to set the second nozzle thermistor ADC correction
    ;*** Adjust the XY coordinates in the following M557 commands to suit your build and the position of the IR sensor
    M557 P0 X20 Y20 ; Four...
    M557 P1 X20 Y180 ; ...probe points...
    M557 P2 X180 Y180 ; ...for bed...
    M557 P3 X180 Y20 ; ...levelling
    M557 P4 X95 Y100 ; 5th probe point for levelling (un-comment this if you are using a dc42 differential IR probe)
    ;*** if you are using axis compensation, put the figures in the following command
    M556 S85 X-0.1 Y1.1 Z0.25 ; Axis compensation here
    M201 X800 Y800 Z15 E1000 ; Accelerations (mm/s^2)
    M203 X15000 Y15000 Z100 E3600 ; Maximum speeds (mm/min)
    M566 X600 Y600 Z30 E20 ; Minimum speeds mm/minute
    M208 X220 Y208 ; set axis maxima (adjust to suit your machine)
    M208 X0 Y0 S1 ; set axis minimum (adjust to make X=0 the edge of the bed)

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    See the upgrade notes for version 1.20 at https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/blob/dev/WHATS_NEW.md.

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