I need to install firmware to a new microusb card as Ive lost my one

  • Hi,

    Seems the microsd card fell out and I cant find it. So,

    a) I have a 32gb samsung evo microsd, is this OK?

    b) Where/ what is the iso for this kept?

    I assume I can install it using dd via Linux?


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    32Gb is larger than I have ever used but should be OK. There isn't an ISO image because it would have to be tied to a particular size of card, and the file structure is very simple. So just format the card with the FAT file system (it probably is already), create the folders shown at https://duet3d.com/wiki/SD_card_folder_structure, generate new config.g and homing files using https://configurator.reprapfirmware.org if you don't have backups of them, and copy them into the /sys folder.

  • I dont have a microcard reader on windows so I have to do it on ubuntu

    Which fat type? I assume type6…

  • Way cool, thanks seems to be up and has re-used its old IP…


    thanks very much.

    For your reference, 32g card seems OK. I had to fdisk it as the card had had raspbian on it. So fdisk it, mkfs as fat and mount it.

    I posted the config I had done so far in another thread so its "saved".

    I had not got very far its rather a lot to take in all at once.

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    btw I am puzzled about how the SD card fell out. It should latch in place when you push it in, and it needs another push to release it.

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