Joystick control?

  • Would it be difficult to add joystick control to the XYZ position of the printhead?

    Preferably analog control, so the user can do both find and fast positioning.

    Is it something I can do with triggers, maybe? - I guess I would need 6 channels, or three with no movement reading 128 and positive and negative values. Then I could do it with the unused thermistor inputs (of my concrete printer) and maybe hold endstop E1 to activate manual control.

    But I guess a trigger script cannot read the value of a thermistor input?

    Alternatively, maybe I could use straight up triggers and increment the speed..... No, wait, I have no variable access.

    I guess this has to be hard-coded into the firmware.

    The idea is that when a print stops for one reason or another, the operator can move the printhead back to where it stopped and read out the XYZ position. He could then past this into the slicer and re-slice to start from where it stopped.

    Thank you for any input, in advice or firmware form 🙂


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    Probably the easiest way would be to connect the joystick to a 3.3V Arduino and translate the joystick movements into G-codes to feed into the Panel Due port.

  • Ok, I'll do that. Thanks.

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