Suggestion to add to where the 'Webcam Surveillance' is located

  • I've been using Octoprint for some time (several years on my Rep1+Sailfish & custom coreXY+RADDS/RRF). For about half a year now I've been using the Duet Web Control with my Tevo Little Monster / Duet conversion, and it's been great. In fact preferred to Octoprint. But great within the confines of my local home network.

    Just today, I figured out how to both pipe my Raspberry Pi webcam to the DWC, and how to port forward the Duet (with password) to the web, just like Octoprint: I can now remotely (over the web) view/control my Duet prints, super awesome.

    Suggestion : When viewing the DWC over my PC, or my phone, the "Webcam Surveillance" section is in the "Print Status" tab: It's completely detached from the buttons that control the printer motion itself: Suggestion to duplicate this view into the "Machine Control" section, so that I can both remotely see what the toolhead is doing, and control it from the same menus

    Tip for anyone else who experienced this problem: While I could see the webcam stream fine from my pc, I had to include the 'http://' to the webcam address on my phone's DWC, or i'd just get a broken link symbol on that page. My PC's DWC didn't require that extra bit of text.

  • Until this gets incorporated in the web interface, or just in case it never does, try this:

    1. Power off the Duet, and put the SD card from the Duet in a computer where you can edit things.

    2. Find the '/www' directory and the file 'reprap.htm.gz'

    NOTE: You will have to "un-gz" the file. Macs or Linux have utilities for this built in; on Winders (Texas edition of Windows) 7-Zip is one of several ways.

    1. Open the file in your favorite text editor (that can deal with unix line ends). The screen shots are from 'sublime text', which I HIGHLY recommend on any platform.

    2. Find "Webcam Survelliance". Copy the lines that are highlighted in this picture. (Yes, this misses a closing </div>, we will get that later).

    0_1526934385030_Webcam Code.PNG

    1. Find "User-Defined Macros". This will get you very near where you need to insert the block of code. Paste/Insert on the blank line between the two big blocks of 'div' tags. In my picture, line 1169. (Your line numbers may vary).

    0_1526934259926_Insert Here.PNG

    1. Add a closing '</div>' tag, just below what you pasted.

    2. Save the file, re-gz compress it, and replace it in the /www directory on the SD, replace in Duet, and power up.

    That's it, you now have your webcam on your machine status page.

    NOTE: One oddity of copying this code is that things end up named the same. Therefore, the Webcam sub-window can only be expanded/collapsed from the Print Status page (it will open/close both).

  • 0_1526935069195_Results.PNG

  • And, of course, you don't really have to edit from the SD. You can "unpack" a zip of the web interface, do the edits, "pack it back up" and upload it the regular way.

    That's just a little more complex, because there are '.gz' files embedded in zips, sometimes in sub-directories of zips, and it is easy to get lost.

    Still, you should know the option exists.

  • Sorcery! 🙂
    Great tip, I'll give that a shot.

    However, this would have to be repeated any time I did a DWC update, right?

  • @ak-eric said in Suggestion to add to where the 'Webcam Surveillance' is located:

    However, this would have to be repeated any time I did a DWC update, right?

    Correct. Hopefully, Christian Hammacher will include it. Seems easy enough. If not, yep, you'd have to tweak it after every update.

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