CNC/Laser: M3 unpause R parameter

  • As I couldn't find any information about this, I'll put this topic into the wishlist:

    When using CNC or Laser mode, M3 S123 turns on the spindle/laser with a rpm-seep/intensity of 123.
    However, after pausing with M226, I' like to turn off the laser, otherwise I'll leave a big long burned line while the head travels to its parking position.

    G1 already has the R parameter to return to the last coordinates when unpausing.
    M106 also has an R parameter to spin up the fan to its last power setting.

    So it would be reasonable to add an R parameter to M3 that restores the last set spindle-rpm or laser intensity.

    This probably also affects tool changes and related parts in the firmware. Spindle speeds & direction and laser PWM.

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    That sounds very sensible. I have added it to the firmware work list.

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