Laser Printer Mode - tools offset

  • I'm trying to use M452 P2 R255 F200 with the tool offset it works fine when I issue M452 P2 R255 F200 but it will start outside the work area. As soon as I define it as a tool the laser will only blink once for fraction of second when M03 S255 is issued.

    My script is:

    M307 H2 A-1 C-1 D-1
    M452 P2 R255 F200
    M563 P1 H2
    G10 P1 X-64 Y-38.5 Z0

    M03 S255
    G1 ...
    M05 S0

    The firmware version is 2.0(RTOS)RC5 (2018-05-22b1)

  • The workaround is to use M206 X-64 Y-38.5 Z0, but it sets offset for all tools

  • administrators

    After changing the tool offset, you should always do a travel move to the desired starting position before you do either an extruding move or a move with a spindle or a laser turned on. This is because RRF applies the tool offset to future commanded positions. It doesn't apply it to the current position and move the head immediately because the coordinates of the current position are quite often unreachable in the new coordinate system.

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