Using Stall detection as emergency shutdown?

  • Hi!
    This weekend, an unfortunate mistake happend to me:
    For any reason the BL-Touch clamp broke while homeing... Unfortunately this happend exact at the moment I had no eye on the printer... As I came back, the nozzle had scratched over the whole printbed and was stuck at a bed clamp.

    So my question:
    Is there a chance to use stall detection as emergency shutdown? So if the board detects stall detection (e.g. after a print didn't stick at the printbed and the nozzle crashed into it etc.) the stepper motors should be turned off as well as the heatbed and nozzle?

    Greetings kuhni

  • administrators

    I presume it is just the Z motor that you would want this to apply to?

    I can add it to the firmware wish list. The change would be to add option R4 to the M915 command, meaning do an emergency stop.

  • The circumstance as it happend was the following: Due to the broken Bltouch the bed leveled to high. So x and y moved and the nozzle scratched over the bed. So I think it would also be great for x and Y.
    Other problem could be: a print that doesn't stick to the bed and causes a crash of the nozzle.

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