Windows build problem with backslashes

  • I ran into linking problems on windows where the path for flash.ld was converted to backslashes by Eclipse, and then the backslashes stripped as it was handed to the linker.

    I was able to work around this by adding html quotes in the .cproject, modifying:
    -T ${workspace_loc:/${CoreName}/variants/duetNG/linker_scripts/gcc/flash.ld}
    I had to enquote the map path as well.

    While having quotation marks seems quite reasonable, it seems strange to me that this isn't broken for other people as well. I am using Eclipse oxygen, as the build instructions direct. Building otherwise appears successful - should I be concerned?

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    The behaviour of Eclipse seems to be inconsistent when paths of the form "${workspace_loc:/something}" are used. I expect you have hit another instance of that. It may be related to the length of the path to your workspace, or spaces in that path. My workspace is at C:/Eclipse/Firmware so the path is quite short and contains no spaces.

  • No spaces in my path. It is on a different drive, due to available disk space, and the path is a bit longer.

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