PNP Probe issues with Bed Mesh

  • I have a Duet 8.5 running on my custom built corexy. I have a prox that is powered from an always on fan that is pushing 24v. I have this signal connected with a voltage divider showing 3v at the signal pin. I have this connected to the probe port on pins ad14 and gnd. The Z probe works and stops the printer when I do a z home. I am using P1 in the M558 config file. When I run the mesh, it moves my z axis but not alot. The mean after a 41 point probe is 0 and a deviation of .16. I know this is wrong, but don't understand why this is not working. I have tried to change the P1 to a P5, but the probe value on the Panel duet shows P1000 and never changes. If I activate the probe, it still shows nothing. I do have the always on fan running on the supply voltage to the probe. I am going to remove this tonight to see if this changes anything. Any ideas or thoughts will be appreciated.


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