G28, G32 and G29 when using multiple z-axis stepper motors?

  • Hi,
    I am a littlebit confused about all these possibilitys when homeing. At the moment, I have installed 2 ballscrews with a stepper motor on each.
    The procedure if I want to print is now the following:

    1. G28 X,Y
    2. G28 Z (z will be probed in the middle of the bed)
    3. G32 (to define auto bed compensation- 2 points are probed, each point next to one of the ballscrews)
    4. G29 - mesh bed levelling to calculate a perfect plain surface while printing.

    Wouldn't it be easier to implement the G32- procedure into the G28 z file? So if I would like to home z, both points would be probed and the best leveling would be used? Or isn't this possible and I really have to home Z at first with onyl one point? (maybe you could just reduce the procedures needed?)

    Would be happy for help! 🙂

    greetings kuhni

  • administrators

    You can Include the G32 procedure in the Z homing if you want, all you need to do is include the G30 commands from bed.g into your Z homing sequence in the homing files.

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