Connect to a WiFi Network on the Duet Panel

  • I'm wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to connect to a WiFi network on the Duet Panel? I'm thinking something within the settings that is part of the GUI, instead of having to do it via terminal commands. This would be much more user-friendly.

    Please let me know your thoughts and if this is a functionality that could be added.

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    Yes it could be done, although the additional code might not fit in older version 2.0 and earlier PanelDue controllers. I've added it to the PanelDue firmware wishlist.

  • @dc42 Awesome, I would really love to see this feature!

  • @dc42 Another thing in a somewhat similar area that I would be interested in, is the ability to update the firmware for the panel and the main board on the Duet Panel over WiFi. It would be great if you could set where the updates are pulled from in the firmware.

    I'm working on an open source 3d printer. This way I could host my own version of the firmware that users could pull from and update their printer directly from the panel. I think this would be a feature the general Duet community would benefit from as well and would help to make the whole experience easier and more user-friendly.

    Let me know your thoughts on this as well when you get a chance.

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    Updating PanelDue firmware via the Duet is possible in hardware terms with the version 3 PanelDue hardware, and adding firmware support for this is on the wish list.

    Updating firmware directly over WiFi without involving DWC will require us to add network client functionality to RRF first. This is planned because it is also needed for generating push notifications.

  • @dc42 Okay great! If I just ordered the 7in PanelDue directly from Duet is it version 3?

    I'm sure it is hard to say, but do you have any idea when network client functionality will be added?

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    Yes, the 7" integrated PanelDue uses the version 3 controller.

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