Sending data over USB, Ethernet or something else ?

  • Hi to all.

    We have finished our vision system that we are going to use for detecting object on conveyor belt.
    System is written in python and we are using Mecode-Simple GCODE generator to generate gcode data.

    It looks it's working OK and this is formated output that should be transfered to Duet ethernet board.
    G1 X63.000000 Y304.000000
    G1 X142.000000 Y256.500000
    G1 X446.000000 Y338.500000

    In our ubuntu OS , Duet is recognized as :
    cdc_acm 1-8:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device
    Open Moko

    Do we need to add some other driver before we can start to send data from PC to Duet ?


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    No you don't need any other driver if using Linux.

    What is the reason for the G91/G90 pairs?

  • that was just added for testing purposes. I gotta find a way to define some start / home point but it will not be as easy as i though. E.g. if we have working area of 50x50 cm and the camera is located at the beginning of the track ( lets say on 0 cm ) then, i guess it would be best to locate robot as near as possible, to the camera.

    But, how to define new position after last pickup, without to go back to home point ?

    The way that i see it, i think it's impossible, and that best solution would be to define starting / home point directly over some drop off container.


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    I think you may want to use workplace coordinates. See the descriptions of G10 (subfunction L20) and G53-G59 in the GCodes page of the wiki.

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