Segment free delta vs Segmented delta

  • I'm still trying to wrap my head around the structure of the kinematics classes. I understand that this fork of RRF uses non-segmented delta motion. I also see in the constructor for the LinearDeltaKinematics that the useSegmentation and segsPerSecond are false and -1 respectively. If I set segsPerSecond to a positive value, say 100, would anything else have to change in the inverse or forwards kinematics functions in order for the printer to operate?

    I just tried it and nothing seems to be broken, so that's good. I guess my question is: Is there any fundamental difference in the way a segmented motion kinematics class operates compared to a non-segmented class? Are functions still called in the same ways?

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    The difference is that if useSegmentation is true then moves will be chopped into short segments as they are passed between the GCodes class and the Move class.

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