Difference btw Reprapfirmware.bin Duetmaestrofimrware.bin

  • The guide mentions that Duetmaestrofirmware.bin is the firmware. DC42 mentions RRF. Please pardon my ignorance.

    In an effort to solve my issues with non responsive Duet web control buttons, I had upgraded RRF 2.01 This went fine and I even had more functionality with my 12864 display. The temperatures showed correctly and the rotary was able move through menus. HOWEVER non of my motors would respond to any commands. Could not home, could not override. Nuthin. It took several tries of uploading DuetMaestrofirmware.bin for DWC to open a dialogue box asking if I wanted to install it. I did, and the motors work fine. The menu on the LCD is broken again, and DWC change filament functions are inaccessible. But at least there are workarounds.

    So are these two files both firmwares? Are they meant to live side by side or does one overwrite the other? I can upload either but DWC no longer asks to install them.

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    Assuming you downloaded the files from https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/releases:

    • RepRapFirmware.bin is the firmware build for the Duet 06 and Duet 085, not the Maestro. I wouldn't expect it to work at all on the Maestro.
    • DuetMaestroFirmware.bin is the firmware for the Duet Maestro. The version in my repo has limited support for 12864 displays. M3D has a version with more 12864 support in their repo and I will merge their changes into mine.

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