Can't jog or home any axes after upgrade from 1.0 to 2.01

  • I have a Duet Ethernet-controlled Powerspec I3 printer. It has been working well, until I upgraded it to 2.01 and DC42's latest DWC. Also fails with 1.22 of DWC in the same way.

    The wiring didn't change, there were no mechanical changes, and the CONFIG.G file seems the same as before.

    Th error message when I try to home the printer is: Error G0/G1 Insufficient axes homed" , which is of course what I'm trying to do...

    Any ideas?

  • suggest you read the release notes where this issue is covered quite clearly but as a quick work around put

    M564 S0 I think it is at the end of your Config.g file

  • Thanks- I found it after more searching. For those who follow this thread later, the correct command is "M564 H0", and adding it to the end of config.g worked for me.

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