SAM-BA programmer - anyone have a copy?

  • I can't get Atmel to send me a link to download the programmer. I've been trying for 3 days. I'd made the mistake of pushing erase, so there's no firmware on my Duet-Wifi. Atmel forces you to register, or give them an email address before they will send you a link to download and they are not responding at all.

    I can't get bossac to work at all on either a Mac or Windows. I keep getting 'No device found' - and it doesn't matter what OS I'm using.

    I'm desperate to get this working before christmas.

  • I just realized Bossac won't work anyway - so now I've got to get the SAM-BA programmer. Atmel won't let me download as Guest and keeps telling me my email is already registered when it isn't.

    I've checked, by trying to have them reset the password for the email they think they have. I'm pretty desperate here.

  • A Little looking down the board would have revealed this post

  • Thanks.

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