Z-Axis not work

  • Hi,

    I have problem whit Z-axsis stepper motors.
    I purcase my duetWifi board 20/03/2018 and everything is working great, until yesterday my printer start sound weird when i try go z-home. I noticed that only motion i get z-axis is wierd flutter.
    I check wiring and eaven change diffrent steper motors but not get any real motion in z-axsis, xy-motion works normaly.

    Do you have ideas what can cause this?


  • administrators

    It sounds like only one phase of the Z motors is getting energised. Possible causes include:

    • Bad crimp connection in the motor cable (most likely)
    • Failed stepper driver chip
    • Failed motor (least likely)

    If your E2 motor output is free, one way to diagnose this is to add this line to config.g before any M906 or M350 commands:

    M584 X0 Y1 Z2:4 E3

    Then you can connect one Z motor to the Z connector (with 2 jumpers fitted to the other Z motor connector) and the other motor connected to the E1 connector. This will help you diagnose whether the cable or the driver is faulty.

  • Okay, problem is solved it was motor cable and actually both cable.

    I dont understood why both cable can die same day, anyway this is very cheap repair thank you.



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