Lost contact with Duet Wifi

  • During the commissioning of my printer I was having trouble with induction spikes in the PT100 temp sensor. Resolved that and rewired. However I have now lost all contact with the printer. It doesn't show up in device manager and cannot connect through Repetier or SAM-BA. The 5v led and usb led light on the board and the blue power led if I power it up with mains also fans work. I did push the erase and reset buttons.
    I had errors when I had tried to install firmware ie "failed to rename file" or something to that effect and 'failed to save changes" in config.G. SD card seems to be OK.

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    Does the green 3.3V LED next the blue and red ones light up too? If it doesn't, check your endstop wiring.

  • Many thanks Dc42 that was the problem. Firmware is sorted out now. Awesome support thanks.

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