Laser Mode Postprocessor for Fusion360

  • Did somebody already create a Laser capable Postprocessor for Fusion360?

    Hacking the GRBL postprocessor to be Duet compatible is pretty straightforward, but I do not want to duplicate work that was already done, I found one discussion via search that was about the CNC Postprocessor but It does not look like something already got implemented (and CNC and Laser mode are two (slightly) different things anyway.

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    If there is already a post-processor for grbl and/or Smoothieware, then I think that should work with the 2.02beta1 version of RepRapFirmware if you use an appropriate M452 command in config.g.

  • This is the code created by "Grbl Laser" Postprocessor:

    G90 G94

    G0 S255 M4
    G0 X24.9 Y0.3
    G1 Y24.9 F1000
    G1 X0.1
    G1 Y0.1
    G1 X24.9
    G1 Y0.3

    G0 S50 M4
    G0 X62.5 Y12.5
    G3 X37.5 Z0 I-12.5 F1000
    G3 X62.5 I12.5
    G1 S0

    from Duet Doku I see that

    G94 Set units per minute feed rate mode is missing but I guess that is ok as mm/min is default for Duet
    G17 Select the XY plane (for arcs) (maybe also does not matter)

    Spindle on is done with G0 S255 M4
    Spindle off is done by G1 S0, not sure if a M5 is needed here or not

    M30 is the only strange candidate,

    for grbl it is

    M30 Program Pause and End

    on Duet it is

    M30: Delete a file on the SD card

    but propably also ok because no file parameter is given.

    I will try that code early next week, my Laser is not where I am right now...

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    I thought that grbl and Smoothieware both used the S parameter on G1/G2/G3 commands to set the laser power?

  • They do it in Fusion 360, but only for turning the laser off 8-( :
    But this is easy to fix with a custom Postprocessor.

    G0 S255 M4

    G0 S50 M4

    G1 S0

    also in Fusion change is quite low as you can only define one power setting per action.

    Other tools like laserweb use the S parameter in a much more aggressive way for laser raster (grbl):

    G1 X0.10 Y0.10 S0.0000
    X0.20 S57.4706
    X0.40 S57.8562
    X0.60 S58.2353

    for smoothieware it uses a value between 0 und 1.0 for S :

    G1 X0.10 Y0.10 S0.0000
    X0.20 S0.5765
    X0.40 S0.5739

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