Duet Status screen request

  • Since we know the Heater element Power and Heater bed power in Watts.
    whilst the printer is printing, the heater is controlled by pwm.

    Is is possible to show average Wattage per heater every 5-10 seconds on printer status screen.


    so in config you enter each heaters wattage.
    Say for 800Watt bed
    whilst it print if duty cycle is about 50% over 10 sec would show 400W

  • administrators

    That would be possible, but it would require changes to both RepRapFirmware (to send the data to DWC) and DWC (to display it). What do other users think of this suggestion?

  • Wow, fast response and at least you may look at it if other want it.

    I have converted from smoothieware, have not looked back.

    Keep up the good work.

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