Duet Maestro, says M587 is not supported

  • Firmware version is 2.01 Beta. HTTP enabled, don't really know what to do about since the only other instance I can find of this happening wasn't conclusively resolved.

  • administrators

    M587 is for the Duet WiFi only. On the Duet Ethernet and Duet Maestro, use M552 to set the IP address, M553 to set the netmask, and M554 to set the gateway address. Also M540 if you need to change the MAC address.

  • Alright, I got it running, I wish you had setup documentation for the Maestro!

  • administrators

    We are not selling the Maestro yet, you can only get it from M3D at present. But we're gradually updating the documentation to cover the Maestro in preparation for when we stock it. Meanwhile, the documentation for the Duet Ethernet is mostly the same as for the Maestro.

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