Jog Z motors independently

  • Maybe there is already a way to do this, other than G30...Sx to independently move one of 2 or more Z motors, but I haven't found it. I have run across an issue in tweaking where my Z motors got out if alignment, and it would have been good to be able to just take a quick move of one motor 3 or 4mm to get it close enough to fix with another G30 probe.

    I don't expect to need this often, but when I do, it really would be good to have.

  • Could you disable to motors and then turn it by hand?

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    You can write a macros to do this. Use M584 to assign just one of the motors to Z, then M291 to display the Z jog dialog, then M584 again to assign both motors to Z.

  • I did a couple of simple macros, Jog_Left.g and Jog_Right.g They're dirt simple:

    M584 Z2
    M291 P"Please Adjust right side motor" Z2
    M584 Z2:4

    and of course:

    M584 Z4
    M291 P"Please Adjust left side motor" Z2
    M584 Z2:4

    Jog_Right.g works as I expected. Jog_Left.g doesn't, it moves both sides. Not really important, since it doesn't actually matter which side I adjust if I can do it either way.

    The jog dialog doesn't stey up for very long and disappears by itself. I had thought that if I didn't specify a timeout in the M291 command that it would remain until I dismissed it.

    It works well enough that I can use it for what I needed. I've only needed it after replacing the Z lead screw couplers, and probably won't need it again until I replace them again (Which I do plan to do, as I don't like the printed ones I'm using.)

  • @supraguy Try using S3 with your M291 command, but you're correct, I believe it should stay up until you dismiss it.

  • Regarding the dialog that disappears by itself, in the DWC under "Settings" > "User Interface" in the "Notifications" block you will find an option "Automatically close user-generated firmware messages" - just check if perhaps this is enabled; also there is a "Default Notification Timeout" setting as well.


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