SAM-BA version 2.17

  • we do how when the site is in maintenance.

    Download and install SAM-BA version 2.17 from here

    I really have no luck with duet right now. I hope one day to see it work perfectly ...

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    Can you use Bossa 1.8 instead?

  • the site is in maintenance, I do not know or to download

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  • I just understood, I thought I was talking about music

    Bossa SAM-BA

  • it's really a nightmare for me! Bossa is open once but no more! I am blocked! impossible to do an installation because I pressed reset!

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    @rafb, what exactly is the problem you are having now?

  • Hello DC

    My problem is that I can not connect to the Duet wifi but also USB.
    I ended up pressing the 2 buttons on the Duet card because for a moment the web interface asked me for the password and answered me invalid password. I turned off the card and then typed the password that was validated. After modifying config.g to hope to print, the web interface asks me for the password that never wanted to validate it. I restart but nothing invalid password.

    I would like to have access to the web interface then succeed to maybe print.
    You advised me Bossa 1.8 because the site of Microship is in maintenance. No problem I have a mac and I drag the app into the / Application directory. Can not drag the Bossac and Bossash files into the usr / bin directory of my mac.

    I am blocked...

    I think it would be nice to have video tutorials of some technical steps to run a Duet card.
    It would also be interesting to have tutorials to transform the most famous and recognized machines (CR-10, Tornado TEVO, TEVO little Monster ...). but may it be banned by your customers selling a $ 5000 machine with a duet in it?

    Once again (I'm approaching 1000 soon) THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

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    @rafb said in SAM-BA version 2.17:

    Can not drag the Bossac and Bossash files into the usr / bin directory of my mac.

    I don't have Mac so unfortunately I can't help you with that. Perhaps someone else with a Mac can chime in? If you don't get any responses in this thread, feel free to create a new thread called "Problems installing Bossa 1.8 on a Mac" or something like that.

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