Parser failing to properly switch between macros and print file.

  • I've created a macro with only two lines in it:
    M98 Ppause.g
    M98 Presume.g

    While printing I run this macro, and watch a strange series of movements happen which are not in the Gcode for either pause.g, or resume.g I've studied the movements and I think the problem lies with the parser which is not doing a good job loading G-code from the print file, the pause.g file, and the resume.g. In other words, it is loading all the g-code from pause.g, then it is loading a few lines of G-code from the print file, then it is loading all the lines from resume.g, then it is picking up where it left off in the print file.

    Is there a way to force the firmware to parse first pause.g, then resume.g, and only then continue on with the print file?

  • Moderator

    @punamenon M400 will force a clear of the movement buffer before continuing. Perhaps add that before the pause macro.

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