Saving result of simulation to gcode-file.

  • I think it would be nice if the resulting print time of a simulated (or real) print would be stored in the gcode-file header as a comment. This value could then be displayed in the gcode-file browser to get a good estimate if you would like to print a file again. It could also be used as a fourth estimate (apart from file, filament and layer progress) to get an estimate of when a print is done.

    If print time is stored on the first line in the file every time, the most recent time estimate will be on the first line, and older estimates will be further down (if changes made in printer config affects print time)

    Together with this, an option to batch run simulation on many files would also be nice. Perhaps an option to simulate all files, all files in a folder or all files that does not contain a print estimate.

  • administrators

    The actual or simulated print time is already stored in the GCode file as a footer comment, and PanelDue displays it. I suggest you add a request in the DWC wishlist section, for DWC to display them too.

  • @dc42 Great! will do!

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