Arm based controller confusion.

  • I am a bit confused as far as firmware on the arm based boards.
    Does duet boards have their own firmware, or are they interchangeable with other arm based boards?

    I have a Panucatt Re-arm board with a 1.4 RAMPS sheild, the instructions to configure the config file on that is a bit confusing for me since I want to configure it for a delta printer.

    I am hoping that I could just use the duet configurator to spit out a config file I can use.


  • The pre-compiled versions of the firmware is only intended for the Duet range of controllers (Duet, Duet Wifi, Duet Ethernet). That said, you should be able to compile your own version for other controllers (though you will need to know what purpose was assigned to which pin), granted they are at least "ARM Cortex M3 with 96Kb RAM such as the SAM3X8E" - (

    The Configuration tool for the firmware (, simply spits out a gcode file, which should be run on startup to configure the printer (which heaters belong to which tools, motor currents, motor configuration etc). In this, is where the power of the firmware and Duet mainboard are located (normally it can startup as a printer, then switch out the configuration file, and now it is a laser cutter/engraver or a CNC*; or you can swap out head or extruders for different purposes, and it simply knows ho to use it without re-compiling and flashing new firmware).

    *- Will need extra hardware for safety, but if it is in place, it can even re-configure itself using a simple macro and work.

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    As @Jacotheron says. However, there is an experimental port of ReprapFirmware (the firmware that runs on Duets) for LPC processor based boards such as Re-Arm, see this thread,810214.

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