Feedrate Dependent Laser Control

  • Hello,
    First off i would like to say a big thank you to the developers of the Duet Board and software. I have now used two Duet2's on fairly standard FDM printers and am most impressed, the firmware configuration and the webinterface are absolutely amazing, and no other option even comes close.

    Now for my question,
    i would like to drive a laser with the duet, and so far, there is no problem there, as like it has been discussed there are many ways of setting an output to a specific PWM rate for each line. But what i would like, because i have a very sensitive application, is to have a compensation of said PWM value for the current feedrate, so that if the machine slows down for a turn, the laser power is compensated/reduced. I am not sure if the laser mode does this allready, but i could not find a defineable minimum laser power on the g-code page, so that seems to be indicating that laser power is not updated for the actual speed of the machine (please let me know if i have simply missed that).

    So basically what i am looking for is something like a "pressure advance" but for the laser. Is there any way of making this work with current stock firmware?

    (counting extruder step timing is the only thing i can think of)

    I realize this may be a bit of a niche application, but i am sure there is some benefit for people who want to vector engrave for instance.

    Anyways, i am really greatful for all the work that you have put into the duet and its firmware!

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    The latest firmware (2.02RC2) doesn't yet adjust laser power during acceleration and deceleration, but if a move gets executed at less than the requested feed rate, it adjusts laser power to compensate for that.

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