Can Duet compensate for unmatched ditto mode extrusion rates?

  • In running ditto mode with two extruders, I have slightly different extrusion rates probably due to imperfect nozzles and different back pressures. Would I be able to compensate for this by using the Duet? I'm unfamiliar with the firmware and if the gcode it supports allows setting different extrusion amounts simultaneously.

    Hope I didn't double post this by accident.

  • If you are running in tool mix mode to ditto extrude, you can modify the mix ratios with M567 to change the extrusion from each nozzle. Like M567 P2 E1:1.05. This would set the second drive to 105% flow for example.

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    You should also be able to set different extrusion multipliers using the sliders in Duet Web Control or the extrusion multipliers in PanelDue, because the underlying M221 GCode command allows the extrusion multiplier to be set per extruder drive.

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