New Duet Web Control 1.14a and RepRapFirmware 1.17b-ch

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    I have released DWC 1.14a on GitHub, see This new DWC version fixes a few minor problems and introduces new indicators to display the probe points on the 3D visualisation. Here the full changelog for this DWC version since v1.14:

    Implemented interactive probe point indicators on bed visualisation
    Preparations for different color schemes in 3D view
    Allow users to specify 0 as webcam update interval to request the source file only once
    Changed wrong title description for M117 option on the settings page
    Bug fix: "Download G-code" wasn't working in subdirectories on the Duet WiFi
    Bug fix: DWC pretended no file was being printed while a tool change was being performed
    Bug fix: Don't use max values from heightmap.csv because they can be wrong
    Bug fix: If tool macro options were specified and a tool was deselected, the web interface didn't send the right P-parameter
    Bug fix: After a 'T' status code was received, the status label didn't turn grey in Idle mode any more

    Along with this I have released v1.17b of my firmware fork. It includes dc42's latest firmware improvements and implements a new 'P' parameter for T-codes to specify which tool macros shall be run. That means with my firmware fork you can now skip certain macros like tpost*.g when tools are being changed via the web interface (see Settings -> User Interface). Here the full changelog since 1.17a-ch:

    GCodeBuffer diagnostics includes machine states
    GCodeInput for HTTP+telnet invoke diagnostics via M122 (in case the GBs are blocked)
    Implemented P-parameter for T-codes to specify which macros shall be run
    Added 'T' status character for the web interface to indicate tool changes
    Z probe modulation signal is now driven high only during probing move for Z probe types 4 upwards (thanks dc42)
    Bug fix: Grid M-codes were incorrectly queued

    You can find precompiled firmware binaries here:

  • If after installing this via the web interface I can no longer access the web interface what is the likely cause?

    EDIT- A reboot of the machine solved it.

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