Minor firmware release 1.17c

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    This is now in the usual place on github. The purpose of this release is mostly to fix bugs but it has a few minor improvements too. Here is the change list:

    New features:

    • The layer height comment in gcode files produced by Matter Control is now recognised

    • M101 and M103 (firmware retraction commands generated by Simplify3D) are now recognised

    • G20 bed probing now prints the mean height error and RMS deviation to 3 decimal places

    Bug fixes:

    • G30 with no parameters now sets the machine position to the Z probe trigger height instead of the user position. This means that running G28 (home) and G29 (bed probe) alternately no longer causes the bed height map to creep up or down in average height when Z homing uses the Z probe. However, it means that the Z height displayed after a G30 command is no longer always the same as the Z probe trigger height.

    • In firmware 1.17 the speed change command by the M220 command got delayed until the next G1 or G0 command with an F parameter was read.

    • In firmware 1.16 and 1.17 the acceleration used in G11 un-retraction commands was sometimes incorrectly reduced if pressure advance was configured on a different extruder.

    • In firmware 1.16 and 1.17 when pressure advance was configured, the extruder acceleration limit implied by pressure advance used the pressure advance value for the wrong extruder.

    • Firmware retraction did not work if additional axes had been configured e.g. for an IDEX printer.

    • G29 commands using the P parameter with an upper case M in the filename were recognised as M commands instead

    I have also updated the DuetWebControl files to chrishamm's latest 1.14 release.

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