Power cut off

  • Hi, I've been thinking about a power cut off for my printer

    I'd like to cut off the power to my printer after a print.
    I'm lazy and don't want to get out of bed to do it, lol.

    I'm going to use a Sonoff wifi relay, available everywhere for a few quid
    This can be hacked to run with the open source Tasmota firmware.
    This can then be controlled by a number of different home automation software such asOpenHAB

    Is there any reason a true on/off button could not be incorporated in DWC ?

  • You could use M80/M81 and the PS_ON output from the 5V connector to achieve something like this.

    Manual override switch that is in parrallel to relay contacts that make/break the AC to the PSU. Put M80 at the end of your gcode and fire M81 over the DWC.

    The manual override could be turned off once the system is enabled to allow the remote power down. You'd also have the option to leave the override on to prevent power down.

  • @doctrucker Yes I could do it that way, but I wanted to have the cut off by the plug and not by the printer, which is some way away . Also I'd like it to be part of my planned home automation system, which is my next project.😀

  • Fair enough!

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