Maestro firmware and configuration guide

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    New here and proud possessor of a new Duet Maestro which came with FIRMWARE Version 2.02RC3. However the configuration tool doesn't have this version in the drop down. I'm building a second Ormerod 2. Looking at the config.g files for "1.20" and "1.21 and later" they are identical. Can I use these with 2.02RC3 to get started, should I go back to Firmware version 1.21 or how should I proceed?

    I'm happily connected via a fixed IP and keen to move on.


  • You can choose 1.21 and later and start from there.

    The documentation for the Maestro is largely the same as for the Duet2Wifi and Ethernet.

  • @sinnedwrong Thanks, Using V1.21 it generates M201 X500.00 Y20.00 Z250.00 E250.00 and
    the Y axis very slowly.
    I note the original config file had M201 X1000 Y1000 Z1000 E1000 i.e the X and Y accelerations are the same. On the axis page of the configuration tool the accelerations for Y is 20mm/s which agrees with the config.g file.
    My original Ormerod 2 running RepRapPro firmware has M201 X500 Y500 Z15 E500
    Should I change the Y value, if so to what?

  • duet uses mm/min instead of mm/sec. so multiply those numbers by 60

  • From the Duet G code page:

    M201: Set max acceleration
    Xnnn Acceleration for X axis
    Ynnn Acceleration for Y axis
    Znnn Acceleration for Z axis
    Unnn Acceleration for U axis
    Vnnn Acceleration for V axis
    Wnnn Acceleration for W axis
    Ennn Acceleration for extruder drives
    M201 X1000 Y1000 Z100 E2000
    Sets the acceleration that axes can do in mm/second^2 for print moves. For consistency with the rest of G Code movement this should be in mm/(minute^2), but that gives really silly numbers and one can get lost in all the zeros. So for this we use seconds.

  • you are right. acceleration is mm/s^2

    and the default values 20 for y is very low. this might be a bug.

  • administrators

    @veti said in Maestro firmware and configuration guide:

    you are right. acceleration is mm/s^2

    and the default values 20 for y is very low. this might be a bug.

    I agree, and we will change the default. I suggest you increase the Y value in the M201 command to 500, perhaps higher when you know what the printer is capable of.


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