PCB through hole resistor soldering

  • I have - for the first time - to solder some resistors to a PCB using through holes. So far I only had to solder something like pin headers that already have the correct leg length. Resistors on the other hand have a lot longer legs.

    My question now is: should I trim the legs before or after soldering? Does it make any difference at all? I tried to do a quick research about it but failed to get a good answer.

  • After soldering, it makes soldering it much easier. When you cut before you can easy make a mistake and cut it to short.

  • After, so you can bend the legs when they are in the hole and component stays put when you turn the board around 😉

  • Thanks a lot! 👍

    Together with a response I got offline (after posting this) this makes three times the same answer. I will go with cutting after soldering then. 🙂

    P.S.: Building a small oscilloscope here (JYEtech DSO138mini). 😁

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