DWC 1.22.5 Java script error:

  • DWC 1.22.5 Java script error:

    Version: 1.22.5
    Message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    Line: 7768:51
    Error object: {}

    Then disconnects

  • I found the error. I have a custom firmware where I have added D axis. The java script doesn't use axisNames consistently, it's mixed through out -- in some places it uses the names from the firmware status response, in other places it's hard coded. I corrected one place, but I still do not see axis D show up in the list buttons for motion/homing -- it's not important since it's an extra axis for the bed lead screws, but the script is very inconsistent. I tried correcting it in other places to try to get it show the D axis, but I don't know the data structure well enough, maybe when I'm bored I'll try to fix it. Why not initialize the settings and axisNames all from the firmware status response, don't rely on hard coded strings?

  • administrators

    Thanks for pinning this down, we'll get it sorted.

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