DWC and USB Com ports

  • Is there any situation where the DWC is looking at or opening USB Com ports?
    This seems strange but I have a situation where I'm using the Arduino IDE to work on a project unrelated to 3D printing and am uploading my code via COM4. I can do this all day long until I have DWC running on my Chrome browser. Once DWC is running I constantly get "Access Denied" when I upload. Even if I close the DWC tab I still have the access issue until I reboot the PC. After reboot all is well for hours unless I bring up DWC again.

    Does this make any sense?

  • Highly unlikely.

    DWC is a web application and should be restricted by your browser.
    I don't see anything in the DWC source code that would try to open a usb or com port (most browsers don't even support this).

    Maybe you have an IP address conflict or some other tools trying to make connections to the same port?

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    Duet Web Control does not access/interfere with the on-board USB interface.

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    Are you using an up to date version of Windows? I used to get problems with Windows reporting "Access denied" to COM ports for no apparent reason, but I haven't seen it for more than a year. So I put it down to a Windows bug that has I hope been fixed.

  • Cura grabs ports away from the Arduino IDE...

  • This post is deleted!

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