Converting Duet WiFi to Ethernet

  • About a year ago I had bought a Duet WiFi and installed. Due to the location I had to install it, I did not get good WiFi connectivity and got a lot of Ajax errors.

    I worked with Filastruder whom I bought it from to have the WiFi Antenna replaced with the Ethernet Module.

    I had to pack up the printer and have not used it as Duet Ethernet yet.

    I'm about to unpack it and I'm wondering what if anything I'll need to do on the firmware side.

    Back then, there were individual firmwares for Duet WiFi, Duet WiFI Server and Duet Web Control. All of which I updated.

    What would I need to do to "remove" all the WiFi stuff and make sure it's a legit Duet Ethernet?
    Also it previously had my WiFi SSID remembered, would I have to clear that somehow?

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    The getting connected guide should get you sorted.

    You can comment out the SSID command in config.g if it's still there.

    This will help you get onto the latest firmware:

  • If I recall, I don't have the SSID in my config.g

    I believe it was stored somewhere using M587 when I first went through that document. I'm not so concerned about that as I'm sure it can be cleared with GCODE.

    I guess what I'm more concerned about is running the wrong firmware on the board as well as any WiFi specific things that I don't need to be.

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    That would make sense since the SSID adding command only needs to be sent once.

    To clear any saved SSID from the board you can send M588 "*" (That is, using an asterix for the network name).

    As you note, the firmwares have been combined, so once you are running the latest firmware there's nothing else really to do. The guides I posted above will get you what you need to know.

  • So I could:

    1. Take out my sd card and edit config.g to comment out M552.
    2. Put back in Duet and power it on.
    3. Connect to it via USB and Ethernet
    4. Use Terminal and follow the instructions for getting connected.
    5. Uncomment M552.

    I'm curious about if I see DuetWiFiServer.bin on my sd card, just delete it?

    Update the firmware. From what I understand, the firmware is the same for both at this point and the product isn't specifically hardcoded in the firmware rather than the firmware just identifies if it's Ethernet or WiFi.

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    Yes you can just delete the bin files. Once the file has been used to update the firmware it just remains on the card as a backup.

  • What would DuetWiFiServer.bin have updated? Doesn't look to be the firmware for the WiFi Antenna. Just wanna make sure it's not trying to run some WiFi stuff when I no longer have a WiFI board.

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    I think that's exactly what DuetWiFiServer.bin was for.

  • Confused on the purpose of DuetWiFIServer

    I'm pretty sure DuetWiFiFirmware was the firmware for the actual antenna. But I have no idea what WiFiServer does and if it'd still be doing anything on my board.

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    DuetWifiFirmware and DuetEthernetFirmware became DuetCombinedFirmware.

    DuetWifiServer is for the wifi module, so I don't think it will be doing anything on your board since it no longer has the module.

  • Man I'm mixing all the file names up. What you just posted is what I knew to be true. I'm getting them all mixed up. Either way, I'll just delete the DuetWiFiServer.bin from the sd card and it should be all good. Thanks for the help.

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