Duet Ethernet Crash

  • Greetings - I have a duet ethernet which was supplied with the UltiBot D300VSP. Great printer, great controller. However, during a print yesterday, the controller crashed leaving the hot end in contact with the print and the heater remained powered on. The webgui was inaccessible. This is clearly a safety issue. I don't have the firmware version number handy at the moment but it's fairly recent. What can we do to 1) debug and 2) prevent this from occurring in the future?



  • After motion stopped, did the heater appear to be maintaining the set temperature correctly? Was the controller reporting the reading of the thermistor correctly?

  • Unknown as the webapp was down and I don't have the LCD connected so I wasn't able to examine the state of the controller. I manually lifted the effector and power cycled the controller. The PETG was molten so it was still at or around operational temperature. I'll post the firmware version when I get home. Do you know if there are any debug options that can be enabled and if there are any crash logs available?

    Ok, RTFM 🙂 Some combination of M929/M111/M114/M122 might do the trick.

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