SD-Card socket bad, recover from erase?

  • I inadvertently hit the reset button (on PanelDue) and thought I had erased my Duet. At the time I thought I had erased everything, but before I really understood what I was doing, I erased the Duet with the jumper in an attempt to upload the latest firmware. That's when I discovered my SD-Card socket does not appear to be reading the cards. Up to this point, I had never used the SD-Card socket...

    When I perform an M122 it does not detect my SD-Card. I validated through my Ohm Meter the CD PIN is working, and attempted to apply pressure to the PIN's with the hope it was a bad solder joint.

    I attempted to get the network up and working, get an IP, but http connection returns a refused type error. I'm assuming this is due to the lack of a WifiServer.

    I re-loaded my PanelDue 7" with the latest firmware and it's operational. I just happened to have a 10-pin cable and connected the PanelDue to the SDConn on the Duet and am able to access the SD-Card on the PanelDue.

    So... My question is, how can I utilize the PanelDue to upload the WifiServer.bin? Or is there another way to work-around this problem? When I issue the M997 it never finds the firmware in the /sys folder...


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    If M122 reports "SD card not detected" when a card is inserted, then the reason is almost always that the CD pin of the SD card socket isn't soldered down properly. Looking into the back of the SD card socket, it's the rightmost pin. If you look at it under magnification, you will probably find that it is just sitting on top of the pad instead of being securely soldered to it.

    If your Duet is still under warranty, only attempt to fix it yourself if you have the right equipment (i.e. soldering iron with small bit, solder, and preferably also a no-clean flux pen). Otherwise, ask for your Duet to be replaced.

    The internal SD card is needed for many functions besides installing firmware, so you need to get it working.

  • Thank you for the response. Being this is my first time with a duet, I wasn't sure how integrated the PanelDue SDCard was with the system, and was hoping there was a work-around.

    I am working with the vendor to see about getting it replaced as it's still within the warranty period. If not I will clean up the contacts and rework it.

  • Just a FWIW. I traced the circuit out a bit further down, to R75 on the board. With the SDCard ejected I get no resistance. With the card inserted I get resistance. I'm assuming that directly relates to the CD as it closely matches the resistance when I measure directly to the ground PIN.

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