looking for someone that will to help us program duet3d

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    hello duet3d users,

    we are 2 mechanical engineering students
    for the last school project we designed a 3D printer. we are at a point where only the software still needs to be done. I tried this myself first but I can't really do it. now I am looking for someone who would like to do it. it would mean a lot to us. we would also like to pay you if necessary. our location is in the netherlands(venlo)
    The printer itself is standard XYZ see picture only the nozzle change is designed differently.

    If you want and can help us let it know.

    Kind regards,
    rick & nico

  • What is the problem that you are having with the software
    Are you trying to get the nozzle to move to the 3 locations through software or are there other issues. I may be able to help you with this. I am in Canada but I do not see an issue doing this over the internet

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    What electromechanical system does your printer use to select between the 3 print head positions?

  • @percar Thanks Percar yes is the basic software to print with one nozzle. If that works would be very cool already.
    the next step would then be to a tool change program. To change nozzles is done mechanically by rack and pinion. Bit the same idea as with the Ultimaker 3.

    am very happy that someone wants to support us. on January 21 we have a big event where we show the printer. It would be super cool if it would work then. but I dare not think about that

    Do you have an idea how you can do it easily over the internet? here is our mail veins where you can reach us. rick.storm@student.fontys.nl

    Thanks in advance for thinking along.
    Rick & Nico

  • @dc42 To change nozzles is done mechanically by rack and pinion. Bit the same idea as with the Ultimaker 3.
    see it as a revolver that is 5 degrees tilted. So that one nozzle is always underneath and the other is out of the way.
    Complete unique design all the way through development by both of us. We're just not that good with software. We need the help of someone who did it like that.

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    What type of motor drives the rack and pinion system? Does the rack and pinion have any sort of endstop switch to indicate that it is in a particular position, or will you drive it into a hard stop to establish an initial position?

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