Starting From Scratch (duet wifi 1.02)

  • I have had this board for a while. I have loved this board ever since I got it. I totally messed something up a while back and have read and read and tried following the documentation and just keep making things worse. I'm at the point right now I'm not sure where to start. Now I can't even see it on the network. Making matters worse I left the micro sd card on my desk and my 3 year old decided that it looked like a yummy snack. So now I don't even have that. I just went and purchased a 16gb micro sd card and need to start from scratch. I have read so much its all starting to blurr, someone please pull me out of my downward spiral.

    If I can get a printer on the network with the latest firmware that communicates with simplify 3d I would be so happy. As for tuning the config file for printer settings I think I have under control I still remember my old acceleration settings, speed, size, homing setup. So i can get that going after I can update the config file through the web interface.

    Thank you in advance.

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    See for what should be on the SD card, including a link to a downloadable set of files.

  • Should I use the configurator or use a copy of the latest files on the sd card shipped now even though my board is 1.02

    I promise I have read over the links that you have posted multiple times I'm just not sure which one I should use.

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    Start with the downloadable files, but use the configurator to generate to generate new config.g and homing files to replace the ones in the set you downloaded.

    All revisions of the Duet WiFi use the same files.

  • Ok I finally got my printer on wifi again and I can log into web control. But I never sent any firmware upgrade commands. I downloaded the 1.21 files and put them on the SD card. Then I went onto the reprap configuration tool and input all of my 3d printers specifications. Downloaded the file and copy and pasted the 4 home files and config.g file onto my SD card. It asked if I wanted to replaced the files and I said yes replace the files.

    A couple of weeks ago during all my reading I came across a post that said while upgrading your firmware you need to copy the files on the SD card and then send a command. I can't seem to find this post again and am just wondering if when I send the M115 and it returns 1.21 that means I'm actually running that

    Firmware Version (file Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin): 1.2
    WiFi Server Version (file DuetWiFiServer.bin): 1.21
    Web Interface Version (file 1.21

  • Can my duet WiFi operate without end-stops? I remember coming across eliminating end-stops using stall detection. I think I remember seeing that some of the new boards can do this but wasn't sure if my 1.02 version could do this.

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    Yes the 1.02 version boards can do homing by stall detection. Though, it will still be highly dependent on your motors and some fine tuning to get your sensitivity just right. If you have endstop switches already it's highly recommended to just use them.

    It looks like you're still running some very old firmware. Now that you have access to the web control via wifi the easiest way to do a firmware upgrade is to upload it via the settings > general tab.

    Here are the 3 files you'd need to update:

    You may need to make a config change to get your homing working properly again.

    I get this error message: "Error: G0/G1: insufficient axes homed"
    Recent firmware versions do not allow axes to be moved before they have been homed. The only movements allows are homing moves (G1 moves with S1 or H1 parameter) and individual motor moves (G1 moves with S2 or H2 parameter). So any Z movements that your homing files make before Z is homed should use the S2 parameter. Alternatively, add M564 H0 to config.g to allow axis movement before homing.

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