RRF 2.02, Slic3r PE 1.41.2: Filament used and print times wrong

  • I think this is more of change in Slic3r's generated output than RRF bug but it needs to be adapted.

    With the latest version of Slic3r PE I don't see print time estimates included in the file anymore at all. This is due to a slightly changed (or better: extended) format of the corresponding line.
    Also sometimes filament used is the wrong value since Slic3r includes 3 different values for this:

    1. mm
    2. mm³
    3. g (if density is entered for the used filament)

    The relevant section in the file looks as following:

    ; filament used = 10435.9mm (25.1cm3)
    ; filament used = 31.1
    ; filament cost = 0.7
    ; total filament cost = 0.7
    ; estimated printing time (normal mode) = 1h 52m 54s

    For this specific file filament usage is detected as 31.1 (which is grams) instead of 10435.9mm.

    Also the added string (normal mode) prevents correct detection of the estimated printing time since the code in FileInfoParser.cpp does only expect space, tab, colon or equal sign.

  • administrators

    Thanks, that's on my list to do for the next release. Please provide a sample GCode file.

  • @dc42 Full file for the above excerpt can be found in my Dropbox.


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